Unmetered VPS


What is an Unmetered VPS?

Unmetered VPS packages are plans which do not monitor bandwidth. Bandwidth is usually measured by how much data traffic has been sent, aka, uploaded.

Still not getting it? Well let’s say for example you have a virtual private server that is not unmetered. The hosting provider has allocated your server with 5 Terabytes (TB) of data per month. If you were to transfer data constantly at 15 Mbps, you would use up 100% of your data. 15Mbps is not a lot of data for a high traffic website. If you start adding video or images, you will surely surpass your allocated bandwidth.

Thus it’s essential you get an unlimitted traffic package if you don’t know your website or application’s traffic utilization.

Charging for bandwidth is slowly losing popularity in the hosting community. However, to this day, there are still plenty of hosts which charge for bandwidth.

What platforms support unmetered VPS?

Unmetered VPS packages can be hosted on any virtualization platform. Proxmox (KVM/QEMU, Containers), Virtualizor (KVM), VMWARE (custom kernel), Hyperv (Microsoft’s hypervisor). No matter what kind of virtualization technology you prefer, unmetered plans should be available. Don’t be fooled if a provider tells you their platform does not support unmetered configurations.

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